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My Mission

I am continuously working to empower my clients to understand the true value they provide.  I want all of my clients to find, secure and ultimately thrive in the work that reflects who they are.

How I can help you

  • Seek to find the work that reflects who you truly are.
  • Build greater confidence to empower your strengths and value.
  • Reach new levels of growth to secure a new job or advance to the next level in your career.
  • Untap your potential to make meaningful change.
  • Communicate with others to build strong connections and enhance your network.
  • Plan and execute a strategy to secure the job of your dreams.

Melissah Misquitta – Bio

Mel_color_thumbnailMelissah Misquitta is a career coach with a corporate background working for organizations such as Ernst & Young, Cap Gemini, Precision Response Corporation, American College of Healthcare Executives and The Palm Beach Post.

Her mission is to help her clients find fulfillment in their lives by connecting them with the right career and teaching them new skills to gain confidence, sell themselves, and land the job of their dreams. Melissah has a passion for empowering job seekers to recognize and tap into their talent and strengths and to teach them to understand the true value they can provide.

Melissah received a B.A. from USF in Public Relations and has extensive experience in executive coaching, writing, presentation delivery, and marketing. She is married with three children and lives in Northern California. When not working or with her family, you can usually find her either hiking, at a farmers market or in a coffee shop.

My Value

Passion for Coaching/Teaching – I focus on empowering you!

Teaching is my passion. I come from a family of award-winning educators. This is what I grew up with. I have taught executives how to create powerful presentations and how to sell themselves.

I am absolutely passionate about working with job seekers and career changers. This passion shines through in all areas of my work with you.

I want to help you succeed.
I want you to know just how valuable your skills are.
I want you to know just how important you are.

Excellence in Communication – Enables you to truly articulate your impactful stories.

As a former journalist, I excel in listening. I listen to your concerns, your goals, and your dreams. I remember the little and big details. I care about you and it shows. This has allowed me to teach my clients how to tell their story in a way that is captivating and powerful.

My speaking skills allow me to help you clearly articulate your strengths and the value you provide during interview and networking situations.

Expertise in Promotion – Enables you to showcase your brand value.

My background in public relations has allowed me to successfully help clients promote their brand value – this is what makes them unique.

My strong writing skills allow me to powerfully present and showcase your value through your cover letter and resume.

These strong skills have resulted in successful client engagements and numerous job offers for my customers and clients.

Cross Industry Experience – Draws from best practices to stand out in your industry.

My corporate experience spans across multiple industries.  I have worked with all levels of job seekers as a coach, a marketer, and a training facilitator.

I believe that learning the best elements from other industries expands beyond a myopic view, thereby increasing your ability to truly stand out within your own industry.

Cross Cultural Experience – Brings out the best you have to offer.

I have international business experience and have personally lived in South America. This has enabled me to cultivate strong language skills and to understand many different types of cultures. My clients come from all different nationalities, and my international experience allows me to understand many of the cultural differences that can be an asset when they are looking for a job.

Warm, Compassionate, and Professional – Nurturing you to succeed.

I am a very warm and compassionate person – and truly care about your success. This allows me to very easily connect to and build strong relationships with my clients, which has consistently allowed me to help them reach their career goals.

I thrive on delivering excellent service to you. I give you the time that you need and always follow up with you to make sure that I am meeting and exceeding your expectations.

I strive to treat all of my clients like VIPS.

What others are saying

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