Effective Interviewing for Nurses


Successful Interview Strategies, Including Nursing Interview Questions and Answers.

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Your interview is the last and most important step to make a great impression, to stand out among the crowd, and secure a great job offer.

You only get one chance at nailing an interview in this job market so it’s critical that you are fully prepared.

My On Demand coaching program, specifically designed for nurses and nurse graduates, will give you immediate access to a step-by-step proven method that I have used with hundreds of clients to help them land the job of their dreams.

The skills and strategies that you will learn, including real candidate nursing interview questions and answers, will empower you to feel confident in your interviews and significantly increase your chances to secure your dream job.

Remember, life’s biggest opportunities should not be left to chance.



My clients are truly my inspiration for the success of my program. Hundreds of my nursing clients have used this same system to land their dream job. Learn all of the principles, techniques, tips, and tools that I use in my interview coaching program for nurses. You can use these strategies to truly customize responses to your unique self, and raise the bar in standing out as the winning candidate and securing the job of your dreams. It’s do-able, possible, tried, and true.

Powerful Interview Strategies, Techniques and Skills

With Effective Interviewing for Nurses, you will have a comprehensive overview of the entire interview process. You’ll learn the secrets, techniques and strategies for nailing your next interview, one step at a time and one question at a time. The end result is a program designed to position you to feel more confident and provide you with the critical tools and strategies you need to secure your job offer.



Why I developed this program

My clients are truly my inspiration and their success is what inspired me to first create this on demand interview program. I received many requests from nurses around the country who wanted access to the tools, tips, and strategies that helped many of my nursing clients to be so successful in their interviews.

I was very grateful for the opportunity to help as many nurses as possible, but unfortunately, I found that due to my workload, I couldn’t personally help each and every person. I realized that many of them needed immediate interview help so I worked to create a program that clients could access immediately. The end result is an on demand program that includes the same principles and strategies in my standard interview package that have enabled many of my clients to land their dream job.

My goal is to make sure that anyone who would like to work with me can get the help they need, either by working with me in person (based on my availability) or through my On Demand program, so they are prepared for their next interview.



What You Get

– Step-by-step proven strategies, techniques and skills to increase your confidence and enhance your ability to ace your interview and secure your ideal job

– Actual nurse candidate mock interviews, including strategies on how to answer many of the most common interview questions, making you that much more prepared and confident

– Unlimited On Demand viewing, so you can get access quickly, learn at your own pace, and significantly increase your chances of securing a job
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Sample Schedule

Day 1 Sessions:  Building the Foundation

– Most common types of nursing interview scenarios, what to expect

– Most effective ways to present yourself

– What to wear make a positive first impression

– How to prepare a portfolio that showcases your strengths

– Strategies and techniques for connecting with the interview panel

– Techniques for researching the organization where you will be interviewing

– Proven tips and tricks to overcome nervousness and feel confident in your interview

Day 2 Sessions:  Looking Inward – Real Interviewing Techniques

Strategies, techniques and a framework on how to respond to most commonly asked questions.  Some of the areas explored include:

  • Self-assessment (strengths and weaknesses, tell me about yourself)
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Passion

Day 3 Sessions:  Looking Outward – Real Interviewing Techniques 

Strategies, techniques and a framework on how to respond to most commonly asked questions.  Some of the areas explored include:

  • Customer Service
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Leadership

View Sample Video Below



Courtney Walker“Within an hour of my interview, I was given a fantastic job offer!”

“I was invited to an interview at a renowned hospital with very short notice and purchased the “Effective Interviewing for Nurses” on-demand program so that I could come up to speed very quickly on my interview skills. The program not only boosted my confidence significantly, but it provided me with invaluable interview information and gave me clear direction to know what to expect in many different types of interview situations. It also helped me formulate my interview responses as many of the questions in the video were very similar to what was asked during my interview.

I definitely felt very professional and was very prepared for my interview! In fact, I was told by my interviewers that I would receive a call back within a week after my interview, but within an hour I was given a fantastic job offer! If I had not had access to this program, I literally feel I would have been speechless in my interview. Instead, I’m now on my way to my new career as an RN. Thank you, Melissah!” ~ Courtney Walker

SophieNguyen“I highly recommend Melissah’s On Demand coaching program. I loved that I could work at my own pace.”

“I came to Melissah’s services after a recommendation from a friend. I was in a rush because I was having an interview in less than a week. Melissah was very helpful and flexible with my needs. She recommended the online coaching program to help me prepare for the interview. The videos were short, sweet, and pleasant to watch. They are divided into 3 sections which can be watched over 3 days. It helped me prepare how to dress, what to bring to the interview, and how to answer interview questions in the most articulate and complete way.

After watching the videos, Melissah scheduled a one hour session with me to go through interview questions. She taught me how to become more professional, confident, and articulate in answering my interview questions!

If anyone is in need of a fast service like me, I highly recommend trying Melissah’s online coaching program. I worked on my own pace through the program and when I had a 1 hour session with Melissah, I was able to sufficiently utilize my time with her. This is one reason why I got hired at UC Davis New Grad program 4 months right out of school! I’m very thankful I was able to work with Melissah!” ~ Sophie Nguyen

JanetNguyen“I loved the structure of the On Demand program. I definitely felt much more confident and prepared.”

“The online on-demand nursing program gave me a great idea of what recruiters might ask in an interview. I loved the structure of the program including the guidelines that were provided for each question and the sample responses for various interview questions. I definitely felt much more confident overall and prepared after going through the program!” – Janet Nguyen

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