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Find Your Passion (Coming Soon)

Find Your Passion! (Coming Soon)

Do you go to work every day feeling unmotivated and unhappy because you don’t enjoy your job? Or have you taken a break off from work or are you contemplating a career change, but feel stuck and unsure as to what type of job you should pursue? If so, this program will:

  • Provide you with an opportunity to take an online strengths assessment so that you better understand your top strengths and your preferred work style.
  • Enable you to work through a number of different exercises and activities to better uncover your values and passion that support your strengths.
  • Teach you how to research and target the careers that are aligned with your passion, strengths, and values.
  • Show you how to organize your ideas into easy-to-use templates so that you have clear direction and can easily target your job search for your newfound career.

And there is so much more…

If you are interested in this On Demand coaching program, please click here and let me know of your interest. You will be the first to be notified as soon as this program is launched.