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Emily-Cipolla“It was my first interview ever as a new nurse and I got the job!”

“When I was contacted about my first interview as a new grad RN I was so nervous! I had never interviewed before and needed help fast. That’s when I learned about Melissah and her “Effective Interviewing for Nurses” on-demand program.

I highly recommend Melissah for interview prep! Working with her was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Melissah’s on demand program helped me to prepare commonly asked interview questions and after completing the program I felt much more confident.

I chose to work with Melissah via Skype after I completed the on-demand program. Melissah provided very helpful feedback and gave tips on how to make your answers really stand out from the rest of the group! Melissah is truly fantastic at what she does and I felt so prepared going into my first interview.

Not only did I gain some excellent skills for interviewing, but Melissah reconstructed my cover letter and resume! Now they both look so professional and I completely owe that to her!

I got the job and am so excited to now begin my career as an RN. Thank you so much Melissah!” ~ Emily Cipolla

AllisonBeavers (1)“I landed a job at a company I’ve always dreamed of working for!”

“I knew I had made the right choice contacting Melissah immediately after our first phone call. Her enthusiasm for what she does is absolutely contagious. She is incredibly intuitive and thoughtful in her process. Right off the bat you get the sense that she just “gets you”.

I had recently quit my job and had no idea what I wanted to do. Melissah worked diligently with me to figure out my strengths and my passions and combined these two areas to determine possible career paths. It was absolutely eye-opening! Melissah introduced me to numerous jobs that I had never even heard of before!

Once I had decided on my industry and job title of choice, Melissah coached me on how I needed to brand myself. She did a complete, much-needed overhaul on my resume and cover letter and essentially became my image consultant. She provided me with a well-rounded and dynamic approach to job seeking which included networking tips, LinkedIn strategies, and even penetrating the job market via social media. The end result was that I landed a job at a company I’ve always dreamed of working for! I am so grateful for Melissah’s coaching. I truly could not have done it without her!” ~ Ally Beavers

JohnLitten-png“Empowering Strengths – it’s not just a name – it’s what Melissah does!”

“After ten years of being self-employed in the entertainment industry, my life took a sudden and unexpected downward twist, spiraling my career back to square one. By the time I landed, I was in a new location, I had no job, I had no contacts, I had no resume, and I had no concept of what I wanted to be. It was terrifying. But for Melissah, what I thought I lacked, was “No problem.” We picked up the pieces and brushed off the dust and built together from the ground up. And through it all, through the career options, the strategic phone calls, the training, the seeking, the thousands of little decisions, the resume, the chipping away and finally the stepping forward – Melissah was there cheering me on. As a guide, as mentor, as a friend, Melissah was unwavering in her commitment to my strengths and it made all the difference in the world. Because of her investment in me, I have been able to work with major film studios, help co-found new businesses, collaborate expanding programs, and earn my teaching credential. Empowering Strengths – it’s not just a name– it’s what Melissah does! ~ John Litten

LindaShields“Melissah’s professional input gave me the focus and confidence I needed to ace the interview and get an amazing job!”

“I have always prided myself on my writing abilities, but when it came to promoting myself with my resume and cover letter, I felt insecure and in need of professional advice. I found Melissah at Empowering Strengths. Melissah provided the high-end, professional feedback that I needed to fine-tune my resume and cover letter to clearly portray who I am and what I want. The process helped me to get my arms around my strengths and to confidently communicate why these strengths are relevant to the position for which I applied. I am excited to say that this resume and cover letter resulted in an opportunity to interview for my dream job.

Melissah’s professional input prior to the most important interview of my life gave me the focus and confidence I needed to ace the interview and get an amazing job. “Empowering strengths” really is what Melissah does. Working with her throughout the resume preparation and interview process gave me so much confidence. She is an astute, intelligent professional with excellent insights into how to present yourself as the unique individual that you are. She is worth every penny, and her prices are extremely reasonable for the level of service that she provides. For anyone who wants to be the best they can be, she can help you to own your strengths and present them with confidence. A+ from this happy (employed!) camper.” ~ Linda Shields

SonjaKrabetz2“I was ready, confident and prepared — and got the job offer!”

“I am extremely thankful for all that Melissah has helped me with. I learned very quickly that I needed professional help and guidance with my resume/cover letter so I decided to use Melissah, who had been highly recommended to me by friends, who ALL landed jobs at great hospitals.

Melissah helped me bring my individual qualities to shine in my resume and CL, made me stand out from other applicants, and as a result, I was invited to interview for a few hospitals (UCLA, UCI, Stanford, Hoag, Sutter, Pomona). When I was invited for my first interview, I thought (again) I could prepare for it on my own, but I realized that I needed help with that as well.

Melissah was extremely helpful with preparing me for panel interviews and when I was invited again for my dream hospital (UCLA) and dream unit (ICU), I was ready, confident, prepared and got the job offer!

I offer my highest recommendations for Melissah. She always responded in a timely manner to additional questions and she is very passionate about helping others. She is honestly the best investment you can make!!!” ~ Sonja Krabetz

Quyenphoto“I received six job offers while working with Melissah!”

“I decided to contact Melissah after reading so many positive reviews about her. First, I used her resume and cover letter package to revise my documents. With my new revised resume and cover letter, I was able to land a few interviews at very good hospitals like VA hospital in Palo Alto, Duke University hospital, Memorial Hospital of Gardena, UCLA-Harbor Hospital, St. Luke Hospital in Texas, Wyoming Medical Center in Wyoming, and St. Alexius Hospital in North Dakota.

I also used Melissah’s coaching services, the online coaching program and the one-on-one coaching package. Melissah was so pleasant to work with! She was very patient with me since I had no interview experience before. She also was very kind to take out valuable time from her hectic schedule to help me with deciding about a job offer. Her coaching services were incredible helpful in transforming me from a shy candidate into an articulate, confident, and well-rounded candidate. I received 6 job offers while working with her!

I guarantee you will find her services helpful and not only she will help you land job offers, the knowledge you learn from her is invaluable and the confident attitude that you will gain will be with you forever. Thank you Melissah for all your encouragement and help!” ~ Quyen Nguyen

tiffany“I am completely indebted to Melissah for the amazing help she provided.”

I recently used Melissah’s services for the second time when I was pursuing my dream job. The first time I worked with her, she helped me land an incredible job. I was so thrilled with my new position and she had truly impressed me then with her passion, knowledge, and the personal attention so I contacted her again. I only wanted the best, and once again, she completely delivered.

Melissah coached me on where I wanted to go with my career and gave me practical tools, guidance, and clear direction so that I knew how to get there. All along, she was cheering me on and supporting me every step of the way. She then helped retool my resume and cover letter so that I completely stood out from the competition — so much so that I was one of 4 candidates out of 200 chosen to be interviewed!

She then worked with me to present myself in the most professional way during my interview and coached me so that I could tell my story and highlight my accomplishments in a compelling and authentic way. After my interview, I knew I had done my very best. This was confirmed when the next day I received a call with an offer for my dream job.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my new job and am completely indebted to Melissah for the amazing help she provided. I know that if it wasn’t for her, I would never be here. If you feel stuck in your job or career and don’t know where to go or if you want to get to the next level in your career, I guarantee you that Melissah will help to get you there.” ~ Tiffany Welker

JessicaBence“Choosing to work with Melissah was one of the best decisions and investments I have made!”

“I heard and read some amazing reviews from people that were in my position, who used Melissah’s services and landed amazing job opportunities. I decided to contact Melissah for help regarding my resume and cover letter. Her responses were prompt, polite, and professional. She was very accommodating to my goals and my schedule and I soon had the tools necessary to revamp my resume and cover letter. Melissah has such a keen sense of being able to determine your greatest strengths and assets and highlight them in the best way possible. I received several compliments on these documents by my colleagues and they all wanted to get on board with these services!

With my new and improved resume and cover letter, I was quickly able to land several job interviews. I was finally standing out and being noticed by employers, and opportunities began flooding in! I was so impressed by Melissah’s work that I decided to utilize her interview coaching sessions via Skype. I was very nervous to practice my interviewing skills in front of someone, but she immediately made me feel at ease. Melissah is extremely warm, friendly, and has amazing tips for answering those tough questions! With her help, I was able to create perfect interview answers that hit every point and even had some extra bonus words that really seal the deal.

Going into my first big panel interview at a very prestigious hospital, I felt confident and ready. I was able to answer each question with such depth, personality, and confidence. From that panel, I was offered 3 amazing interview opportunities and was offered 2 RN positions from those! It felt great to be able to choose the unit I wanted! I even had to turn down 2 other great interview opportunities with another big name facility. I never thought I would be in this type of position and I know that I would not be here without the help from Melissah. I am proud to say that I will be starting my nursing career at Stanford Hospital! (And I don’t have to move away!)

Choosing to work with Melissah was one of the best decisions and investments I have made. I truly believe that this made the difference in my new nursing career. If you put in the work, you will see amazing results and hidden opportunities will start flowing in! Thank you so much Melissah! You are truly amazing at what you do! :)” ~ Jessica Bence

KimberlyCerruti-png“Melissah provided me with all of the tools to help me land a job!”

“I was completely stuck in my job search. I had no idea what I was doing, how to build a resume, where to search, or how to properly network. Melissah provided me with all of the tools to help me land a job. She was incredibly patient, understanding, and kind. I went from having no goals to having goals to achieving those goals. I know that as time moves forward I may want a different path, but I have all of the essential tools to get to where I want to be. Thank you so much, Melissah! ” ~ Kimberly Cerruti

Courtney Walker“Within an hour of my interview, I was given a fantastic job offer!”

“I was invited to an interview at a renowned hospital with very short notice and purchased the “Effective Interviewing for Nurses” on-demand program so that I could come up to speed very quickly on my interview skills. The program not only boosted my confidence significantly, but it provided me with invaluable interview information and gave me clear direction to know what to expect in many different types of interview situations. It also helped me formulate my interview responses as many of the questions in the video were very similar to what was asked during my interview.

I definitely felt very professional and was very prepared for my interview! In fact, I was told by my interviewers that I would receive a call back within a week after my interview, but within an hour I was given a fantastic job offer! If I had not had access to this program, I literally feel I would have been speechless in my interview. Instead, I’m now on my way to my new career as an RN. Thank you, Melissah!” ~ Courtney Walker

Elysia“I could not have done it without Melissah’s support and vast pool of knowledge”

“I cannot recommend Melissah enough for anyone who feels they could gain confidence and improve their interview performance . It was extremely difficult to get interviews in the Bay Area and when I finally did land one, I knew I needed guidance and support to help me represent myself and be competitive.

A few of my friends had used Melissah’s services in the past for interview prep, as well as for resume and cover letter help . They spoke nothing but praise for her. I decided to go for the largest package she offers and even purchased two more sessions with her !

She is so incredibly knowledgeable and really gets to know you and your strengths and weaknesses . She carefully listens to you and your experiences and then helps you rearrange and express them in the best way possible , which in turn makes you much more valuable to future employers .
Melissah is so warm and caring and truly loves her job and it shows! She continued to check up on me even after our sessions had ended . After three interviews , I finally landed my dream job !!! I really could not have done it without Melissah’s support and vast pool of knowledge regarding proper professional etiquette!!

It is a tough and competitive job market out there. After working so hard in school , I strongly advise you to take one last step and polish your interview skills and or resume and cover letter with Melissah at Empowering Strengths ! She can definitely help coach you through that last and most difficult mile to successfully land your dream job ! ~ Elysia Lanzone

SophieNguyen“I highly recommend Melissah’s On Demand coaching program. I loved that I could work at my own pace.”

“I came to Melissah’s services after a recommendation from a friend. I was in a rush because I was having an interview in less than a week. Melissah was very helpful and flexible with my needs. She recommended the online coaching program to help me prepare for the interview. The videos were short, sweet, and pleasant to watch. They are divided into 3 sections which can be watched over 3 days. It helped me prepare how to dress, what to bring to the interview, and how to answer interview questions in the most articulate and complete way.

After watching the videos, Melissah scheduled a one hour session with me to go through interview questions. She taught me how to become more professional, confident, and articulate in answering my interview questions!

If anyone is in need of a fast service like me, I highly recommend trying Melissah’s online coaching program. I worked on my own pace through the program and when I had a 1 hour session with Melissah, I was able to sufficiently utilize my time with her. This is one reason why I got hired at UC Davis New Grad program 4 months right out of school! I’m very thankful I was able to work with Melissah!” ~ Sophie Nguyen

JoanneMercado“I now feel much prepared to be in full control of my career!”

“The time I spent with Melissah in finding my ideal career has been truly eye-opening. Melissah believes that success in one’s career comes with aligning one’s passions with one’s strengths and values. Throughout the career search process, Melissah provided me with very helpful feedback, guidance, and support as I told her about every self-discovery. She took the time to listen and digest everything I told her. I now feel much more prepared and am knowledgeable enough to be in full control of my career choices. I highly recommend her. Thank you Melissah!” ~ Joanne Mercado

JanetNguyen“I loved the structure of the On Demand program. I definitely felt much more confident and prepared.”

“The online on-demand nursing program gave me a great idea of what recruiters might ask in an interview. I loved the structure of the program including the guidelines that were provided for each question and the sample responses for various interview questions. I definitely felt much more confident overall and prepared after going through the program!” – Janet Nguyen

Tami“Melissah enabled me to uncover a career that I know I’ll be able to succeed in.”

“Working with Melissah was wonderful. She’s incredibly upbeat and has an infectious, positive attitude that truly makes addressing one’s career goals possible. As a stay at home mom planning on returning to the workforce, finding a niche that was right for me was not easy. She helped guide me along at a pace that kept me on task and allowed me to uncover a career that I know I’ll be able to succeed in.

Melissah made the time to accommodate my immediate needs related to an interview, in addition to our planned meetings. She worked to provide me with a clear and focused game plan each and every time we spoke. No time was ever wasted and each time was full of great guidance.

I know that with the tools she’s given me, I will be able to hit the ground running. Thank you Melissah!” ~ Tami Reckler-Smith

Keri Hochstetler“I landed the job and couldn’t be happier with where my career is headed!”

“Melissah is amazing! I am a New Graduate RN and like many of us out there I have been struggling for the past year to find an acute care job. I started talking to Melissah after my 4th or 5th interview without getting the job. I was in need of a confidence boost and I wanted professional critiquing on my interview style. Melissah did an amazing job with editing my resume and cover letter and gave me excellent suggestion on how to improve the content and look of how I was presenting my skills and qualities. In fact, I received several interviews right away after she worked on my documents.

My sessions with Melissah were everything I was looking for. We talked about everything: what to wear to my interview, how to do my hair, and most importantly how to present myself as a professional who is excited about starting their career as a RN. Melissah’s encouraging words and constructive criticism were exactly what I needed to gain my confidence back and get back into the groove of applying and interviewing! I left our sessions feeling empowered and determined to land an acute care job.

I recently got an interview at UCSF Medical Center and I started reviewing everything that Melissah and I talked about. I put into practice everything that I learned through Melissah and walked in with a new found confidence. I landed the job and couldn’t be any happier with where my career is headed! Melissah is simply amazing and I highly suggest you invest in meeting with her!” ~ Keri Hochstetler

ElainaLimapic“Melissah has been outstanding in every way!”

“Melissah has been outstanding in every way! She has helped me with resume, cover letter and interview techniques. She has prepared me very well and I am so grateful. She really increased my confidence going into interviews and completely prepped me when I started with nothing! She made the most of my time with interviews, and has been a source of support throughout my career search. I truly can’t say enough positive things or thank her enough for her help and support through this process. She truly helped prepare me beyond my greatest expectations for interviews, job applications, etc. As a student, her services are an investment and I consider it well worth it! She is truly a gift and her talent, knowledge, and advice are unending! I highly recommend her!” ~ Elaina Lima

JenniferVillena“With Melissah’s help, I was able to make a fantastic career move.”

“For a birthday present, my husband surprised me with a career coaching package with Melissah. I had been looking to work with one because I was questioning my happiness with my career path at the time. This was the best present I could have received.

Working with Melissah was a pivotal experience in my life. She assigned me research work, (yes you must do homework) that sparked interests that I knew were there, but were dulled over with time. She created a safe place where I could discuss my thoughts with her, and she gave her honest, realistic and positive feedback in our conversations. With her encouragement and support I summoned enough courage to make a career move and go back to school to attain my Counseling Masters. With careful thought and preparation, I quit my full time job and found a great part time job working at a local College in a job that is along the field of what I’m gearing towards.

Melissah was the one person who made me look at my strengths and helped me to appreciate them and use them as a tool towards career and life happiness. Melissah is a gifted teacher, writer and coach. She coached me on my interview skills for school and work. She helped me cultivate a stronger resume and cover letter. Because of her experience and professionalism I wanted more from myself and started to embody her confidence. She really is a coach and believes you have more potential than you think and after working with her, you will start to see it too.

During the time I worked with her I, finished yoga teacher training, quit my job, got accepted to a Counseling Master Program, and found a new job. But, the most important thing is I am truly happy — and that means I’m a better mother, wife, friend, daughter and person. Thank you Melissah for everything. I wouldn’t be in this good place without you. I am forever grateful. Namaste!” ~ Jennifer Villena

Jes_perez“I secured my dream job!”

“Melissah really boosted my confidence and I felt good about what I presented to my interviewers after working with her. I loved how positive and empowering she was — and I felt truly empowered after our meetings! I also thought the constructive feedback she gave for my answers was really helpful. I was able to keep it in mind during my interviews and I believe it really made me a better interviewee. I feel that being prepared by her really put me in the right frame of mind and I will carry the confidence and suggestions she gave me indefinitely! I was able to secure my DREAM JOB after working with Melissah! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~ Jessica Perez

Michelle-Chenpic“I am now working at my dream job at Stanford Hospital!”

“Mastering the skills for interviewing is truly an art and Melissah is an amazing coach. She not only prepared me for the toughest interviews, but also helped me gain the confidence I needed to stand above the competition.

Working with Melissah helped me secure not only one, but multiple New Grad RN Residency offers from some of the top university hospitals and I am now working at my dream job at Stanford Hospital.

Trust me, she’s the best!!!!” ~ Michelle Chen

LauraMustavich“I couldn’t have done it without her!”

“Contemplating a career change can be a period of self-doubt and stagnation, but Melissah mobilized me to embark upon my career transition, and provided the reassurance I needed to ensure that I was heading in the right direction. She was extremely organized and always well-prepared for our sessions. Her structured approach helped me make steady progress at a pace I was comfortable with. I especially appreciated that she didn’t just guide me through what to do, but how to do it, with attention to the details. And throughout the whole process, she was incredibly warm, supportive, and responsive to my individual needs. I couldn’t have done it without her! ~ Laura Mustavich

“I received an amazing job offer!”

“I think that Melissah is very helpful in helping candidates find their strengths and verbally express them. I liked practicing answering interview questions and developing a strong ‘tell me about yourself’ response. She really has a talent for phrasing interview answers so that they have maximum impact on the interviewer. The end result is I received a job offer for L&D in the Lucile Packard Versant New Grad program!” ~ Alison Endemann

ChristopherVazquezpic“I landed my first job as an RN!”

“Melissah really worked on improving specific areas regarding responses to interview questions and demeanor. Most importantly, she made an impact in the way I saw myself, not just as a new graduate searching for a job, but as a person. I feel more confident in myself and more positive in the way I see things. She helped bring out my strengths as an individual and made me see them! She is extremely caring and sincere with her clients and provided me with constant words of encouragement throughout the sessions. Melissah’s services are priceless! People should know that she absolutely exceeds expectations that people have. Thanks to her training sessions I also landed my first job as an RN!” ~ Christopher Vazquez


Jesse_8039_3“IT IS WORTH IT to work with Melissah! It’s an investment that will build your confidence in a new way.”

“Since working with Melissah, I have achieved much more than just landing my dream job. It truly is an art to be able to present yourself professionally without losing your identity. She not only built me up to be confident in “my story”, but taught me to how present it in an honest, fluid, personal and professional way that would be intriguing to whoever would interview me. I believe these skills go much further than just for interviews. I know that now as I have a job in the “real world” I will be able to use these lessons to present myself to my bosses, colleagues, etc.

Each minute was well spent. Her service is QUALITY service. She is organized, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and not just a “coach”. Though that is one part I love about working with her, she provided much more than encouragement. (we all need that too!) She thought of things that I would never have thought of or would have “missed” going into my interviews. She was readily available and provided constructive feedback.

After the first session I knew that even if I didn’t land the current job I was applying for, it would STILL be worth it. (Note: I did land the job!)

IT IS WORTH IT to work with Melissah! Don’t hesitate because it’s an investment that doesn’t promise a job. IT WILL LAND YOU A JOB SOONER THAN LATER. And it will build your confidence in a new way. Just do it!” ~ Jessica Jayko

Lopez“I started getting interviews after Melissah worked on my resume and I landed a great job!”

Melissah was very easy to work with and I really appreciated being able to work with her by phone and email. She was also very professional. The end result is I got two interviews right after she helped me make changes to my resume and landed a great job!” ~ D’Aun Lopez

KurtBilse“I got the job I wanted!”

“What a great experience it has been working with Melissah!!!  I am a new graduate RN and right now in California, the market is terrible. Interviews are few and hard to come by.  When I finally got one for a dream job of mine, I did not want to risk anything.

On the recommendation of a few classmates, I contacted Melissah and I’m soooo very glad I did.  I previously thought I was a good interviewee, but after two meetings with her I realized how much more improved I was and how many more skills I had added.  When I met with Melissah she had already researched my employer and shared valuable information to incorporate into my interview.

Melissah’s talent is taking what you already know about yourself and tailoring it into a well-crafted, economized presentation so that every word impacts the interviewer and answers a need of theirs without wasting any words.  I have never gone into an interview with such self confidence!!!  I felt like I knew the organization very well, and I knew what my strengths were, so in the interview I was able to answer any questions they asked.

Melissah is very warm and sweet and works with a very positive attitude,  but is not afraid to address critical issues in a supportive way if they are important for your success.  She offers a full range of services and my only regret is that I didn’t contact her sooner in my job search.  Use her services!!!  You wouldn’t go into an interview without a well-tailored suit, so don’t go into an interview without a well- tailored presentation.  Melissah is a well-crafted tailor in what she does.  The proof is in the pudding – I got the job I wanted!!!” ~ Kurt Bilse

GosiaWinterpic“Melissah is the best life coach you will ever need!”

“Melissah is very professional and knowledgeable. It was wonderful to rely on her expertise in all aspects of the interview process. She polished my resume, gave me valuable pointers about first impression, necessary steps to take before and after the interview, and worked on the actual interview questions. Most importantly, she gave me the confidence to pursue my dream job because she really believed I could be good at it. Melissah is very warm, open, non-judgmental and fun. She is truly committed to helping others find their passion and giving them the courage to pursue it. She is the best life coach you will ever need! My only regret is not meeting her earlier because she really changed my life for the better.”~ Gosia Winter

erica“Working with Melissah will increase your chances of acing an interview exponentially!”

“Melissah is an absolute gem.  She helped me increase my self confidence and helped me develop a toolbag full of anecdotal stories that I could apply to a multitude of interview questions.  She also guided me to highlight certain traits about myself and accomplishments that would make me a better candidate and helped me to become comfortable with the institution I was interviewing for.

Melissah also made interviewing prep that can be overwhelming and intimidating very tangible and achievable.  She is warm, welcoming and professional!  Working  with her will increase your chances of acing an interview exponentially.  Be proactive and take advantage of an amazing opportunity.   The end result was I got my dream job!” ~ Erica Miller

ArmaFernandezpic“Thanks to Melissah I racked up 6 interviews and landed my dream job!”

“Since hiring Melissah for interview coaching, I racked up a total of 6 interview invitations in 3 months. What I ended up with was my dream job! Thanks in large part to Melissah, I was accepted into a highly coveted new graduate RN training program. I am now working in my 1st choice hospital in a specialty that I am passionate about. I recommend Melissah whole-heartedly to anyone in search of honest and constructive feedback in preparation for a job interview. The investment in Melissah was absolutely worth it for me, and I have no doubt that future clients will feel the same.” ~ Arma Fernandez

Auna“She has a magical ability to turn my responses into a professional relevant story!”

“After working with Melissah, I have become more confident that I will be able to be successful in an interview! I have so many more professional resources after our sessions, and I will be able to use what I’ve learned in any interview or professional setting I encounter. I loved the fact that Melissah has immense patience while her clients consider their answers, and I absolutely love that she is a walking professional thesaurus. She has a magical ability to turn my responses into a professionally relevant story. I felt like this was exactly what I needed! It was great! The end result is I was offered a fantastic job.” ~ Auna Battistella

Trangle“Her work on my resume and cover letter resulted in a job interview at a prestigious medical center.”

“Melissah is very positive and supportive and she helped me feel very confident about myself! Melissah’s work on my resume and cover letter resulted in a job interview at a very prestigious medical center, and she also helped me to tackle some very hard interview questions. Finally, I found it extremely helpful when she showed me how to conduct a thorough research on an organization. I also very much appreciate how accommodating she was. Overall, I am very happy from what I learned from Melissah and know that I will use the skills she taught me many more times in my career!” ~ Trang Le

chrysti_johnson“I successfully applied the job search strategies she taught me!”

“After working with Melissah, I felt much better prepared as a job seeker and I successfully applied the tips and job search strategies she taught me. My resume also looks great! Melissah is very warm and friendly and I can tell that she genuinely cares about her clients. She is also very professional and very knowledgeable. I also really appreciated how she was able to offer her services remotely! This is such a great incentive for people with tight schedules or for people who live out of the area. Her insight is so valuable. People should know that they won’t regret hiring her. With Melissah’s help, I was offered a fantastic job! Melissah is AWESOME!” ~ Chrystine Johnson

Sommerpicture“I landed my dream job!”

“Melissah is the perfect person to help you prepare for an interview so that you can make sure you knock it out of the park. She takes her job seriously and you can feel her passion for wanting you to succeed. She helped me land the job of my dreams and I am so incredibly thankful for her. She is smart, professional, and knows her stuff! She is also incredibly sweet and a joy to be around. I will recommend her to everyone I know that needs help landing a job. Thank you, Melissah!” ~ Sommer Elkins


tammy profile 1“I would love to hire Melissah for every interview opportunity!”

“I called upon Melissah for her services after totally bombing an interview. Knowing that I was one of the best candidates for the job wasn’t enough because I wasn’t good at interviewing.  Melissah has helped me become more confident with the interview process, especially helping me with the “tell me about yourself” question. I went to my next interview feeling much more prepared and looking and acting more confident. I also hired her to go over my resume and cover letter and even though I thought mine was good, she improved on them immensely!

I like that Melissah is approachable and friendly, yet very business-like at the same time. She knows her stuff and helps you to know yours!   I was comforted with my decision to hire her from the first appt. She does her homework on your resume and background and on the company you’re applying for, and she follows up with phone calls and emails to you with details that are invaluable. I would love to hire her for every interview opportunity! The most important thing about Melissah is she is very much worth every penny to empower your journey, whatever it may be. With Melissah’s help I was hired and am now working in a job I love!” ~ Tammy Amundson

Phyllis Garcespic“I landed my dream job at a prestigious medical center!”

“I had not interviewed in several years so my time with Melissah gave me what I needed to get started on preparing for my interview. I appreciated her help on helping me to answer various interview questions and I also appreciated the extra time she spent with me. Melissah was a tremendous help to me and I was so much more prepared after working with her! The end result was I landed my dream job at a prestigious medical center!” ~ Phyllis Garces

sonal“I landed the job almost immediately!”

“After meeting with Melissah, I felt so much more confident about my responses to interview questions. I liked how patient she was when we worked together and how she really listened to everything I said. I feel like she sincerely cared about the struggles I was going through to find the job I wanted. Melissah’s services are extremely valuable and anyone who seeks her help will not be disappointed! Melissah successfully guided me on how to present myself, prepare for interview questions, and follow-up to make myself an outstanding candidate. I was able to use the skills I learned during an important interview and landed the job almost immediately!” ~ Sonal Gandhi

PamelaDennispic“Melissah is exceptional at guiding you to where you need to be with your job strategy and before your first interview.”

“Melissah is as talented as she is professional. Working with her is an absolute pleasure. I emailed her and received a fast reply followed by a phone call to discuss what I wanted help with for my job search. When I ended the call, I absolutely knew I had made the right move. I asked Melissah to use her expert eyes to retool my resume from a Mktg/Mgmt resume to an RN resume. After that, I was so impressed that I continued to work with her on interview questions and job strategy.

My resume, the job strategy knowledge I gained, and my ability to respond to interview questions is so much improved I can never thank her enough. Melissah’s ability to take what you already know about yourself and tailor it into a well-crafted, concise presentation resonates with the interviewer.

If the thought of interviewing makes you want to break out in hives, have no fear! Melissah is exceptional at putting your nerves at ease, and gently but firmly guiding you to where you need to be before that first interview. She was able to give me essential constructive criticism without being harsh, which I very much appreciated. Further, she gave me job strategy tips on utilizing social media, and specifically, she shared important strategies to be successful using Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

I cannot stress enough how pivotal my decision to seek her expertise was. I spent a great deal of time and money in nursing school pursuing my RN dream. Melissah’s services were the last piece I needed to make my dreams come true.” ~ Pamela Dennis

ShawnSjogren“Melissah is very well-informed and is very easy to talk to. She is an absolute treasure!”

“Since working with Melissah, I have gained a wealth of self-confidence! She is very well-informed, is very easy to talk to, and has a knack for pulling out results in interview question and answers. She really knows her job and does it so well. I also felt that was she very dedicated to me and just made me feel very special. Melissah is an absolute treasure!” ~ Shawn Sjogren

Lauren_nybye“The changes to my resume and cover letter were 100% value-added!”

“I feel like the changes to my resume and cover letter were 100% value-added! Melissah really took the time to critique my documents and it shows. My resume and cover letter show my strengths and emphasize my organization and I now feel like my resume will truly stand out among the hundreds of other applicants. Melissah is very reliable and everything she does makes me feel that she is very interested in helping me and that she truly cares. She is definitely the real deal!” ~ Lauren Nybye

“My confidence increased and I got the job!” 

“I wanted to share the great news with you that I GOT THE JOB!!!!! I was offered the NICU RN Residency! I am beyond thrilled and I can’t thank you enough! You gave me the boost of confidence, encouragement and polish that I needed to land my dream job! So THANK YOU!!!!!” ~ Heather Drummond

“She is truly doing what she does best – empowering strengths!”

“Melissah was professional, authentic, and encouraging right from the start. This is a woman who is truly doing what she does best–empowering strengths! Working with Melissah was such a pleasure and so essential in preparing me for ultimately the interview that landed me my first nursing job. After every meeting that I had with Melissah, I left with a greater sense of knowing myself and what I had to offer a potential employer. The skills I learned while working with Melissah are skills that I will take with me and use throughout my nursing career. I would absolutely recommend working with Melissah!” ~ Danielle Shipley

“I was offered a great job!”

“Melissah is very talented in what she does! After working with her, I feel that I have a very effective resume and I know how to put together a professional-looking portfolio. I also greatly improved my interviewing skills. She always offered better ways to answer interview questions and I was very impressed with how she always articulated my words more effectively. I truly learned about my strengths from working with her. The end result is I was offered a great job!” ~ Yuka Johnson

“I would highly recommend Melissah!”

“Melissah was able to help me in a lot of very useful ways! After just two sessions with her, I gained confidence in how to talk to the interviewer and she made it much easier for me to formulate what I am going to say during an interview. I like how she catered our meetings with me based on my own strength and weaknesses. She was able to take the input I gave her and craft it in a more meaningful way. I really also liked her advice with my resume and cover letter. Now, I am able to confidently make my cover letters unique. People should know that Melissah works with clients based on their own concerns and teaches them based on what she sees needs improvement. I would highly recommend Melissah to anyone who is having a hard time trying to find a job!” ~ Rosalie Taguinod

“Working with Melissah is a confidence booster!”

“After meeting with Melissah, I felt that she gave me direction and pointed out the issues I need to work out with regards to interviewing. I went to my interviews feeling more confident and positive! I like that she is very approachable and encouraging. It is definitely a confidence booster prior to an anxiety-filled interview! I also appreciate that she is very dedicated and utilized the time we had to the maximum in focusing on my interviewing skills.” ~ Kimberley Seok

“Melissah is extremely knowledgeable about job search strategies, resume building, and cover letters.”

“Since working with Melissah on my cover letter and resume, I have greatly improved the quality of these documents, and have actually received two phone calls for interviews since working with her. I have also improved my networking skills, confidence, and have better set attainable goals for me to work towards within the next several weeks and months.

I appreciated the fact that Melissah was quick to reply when questions arose on such short notice. Her ability to communicate via phone, email, Skype, and in person is fantastic for individuals who work unusual hours, such as myself. I also found her to be extremely supportive and helpful in improving my confidence and motivation.

Throughout the job search strategy session, she continuously provided me with support and helped me to better improve my interview and networking skills. She also allowed me to see how a job search requires more than just an internet search.

Overall, Melissah is extremely supportive and knowledgeable about job search strategies, resume building, and cover letters. She takes the time to ensure she is providing quality information and guidance to her clients, and is extremely flexible and willing to work around others hectic schedules. She establishes clear expectations for each session and relays information in a very useful, positive manner – and she continues to provide encouragement even after sessions have ended. Melissah is a fantastic resource!” ~ Megan M.

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